• Energy efficiency

    Ecomax are Spray Foam insulation experts. Spray foam is a speedy, efficient insulation solution coupled with significantly lower U-values than other conventional insulation materials. Spray foam has a thermal conductivity as low as 0.025W/mK.

  • Sustainability

    By virtually eliminating air leakage, spray foam with its’ closed cell structure helps control the movement of vapour and moisture throughout the building, reducing the risk of condensation and mould. Sustainable over the life span of the building, spray foam can even prolong the buildings’ life as it protects against premature deterioration of building materials.

  • Occupier Comfort

    Ecomax ensures home comfort. Spray foam makes a significant contribution to this comfortable indoor climate by creating a draft free environment that prevents the infiltration of pollutants, toxins and allergens.

  • Air tightness

    The continuous spray leaves a minimal amount of surface area without insulation resulting in an airtight building envelope of low permeability, and without the need for supplementary material. The purple foam is fast to apply and quick to cure. spray foam spray foam insulation therefore offers the specifier an all in one solution to meet and exceed latest Building Regulations requirements.

  • Design freedom

    Spray foam also provides Ecomax with complete design freedom as the spray foam adapts to the shape of the substrate providing an ideal solution for insulating difficult areas such as profiled and curved roofs.

  • Reliability

    Spray foam is only installed by trained professionals. Ecomax is fully trained and insured in installing spray foam to industry specifications.