Attic and Roof Insulation.

Spray foam is the most efficient way to insulate your attic or roof. Spray foam offers three things in one package-Insulation, Air tightness and Sound Proofing.more and more people are turning to us to insulate their roof with spray foam . All our systems are fully certified and our staff highly trained. Most domestic roofs take one day to complete and the client is left with a warm usable attic that is free of draught’s.

Cavity Foam Injection

Closed cell insulation foam is the highest performing cavity insulation available. Spray Foam is used to restore the structural stability and reduce the thermal transmittance of existing cavity walls, with masonry inner and outer levels, in which the conventional wall ties have corroded. It is also used in new construction where its superior thermal performance and resistance to flood water is of importance. It has excellent resistance to driving rain and can be installed in all geographical exposure zones.

Spray Foam is also ideal where the need to reduce air leakage is important. The foam seals the cavity, does not shrink or allow air to pass through it, therefore air leakage through the cavity can be reduced to zero. Spray Foamstabilises the wall by adhering to the inner surfaces of the cavity and providing a continuous structural connection between the two leaves. Because of the greater thermal performance and the reduced air leakage, Spray Foam outperforms all other forms of cavity fill. It is hypo allergenic and so contains no fibres, dust or obnoxious fumes.